Police Department

Mission Statement

Portage Police Badge IconThe Portage Police Department is dedicated to working with all of its citizens in fighting crime, defending human rights, protecting life and property, and making our community safe for all. The public and visitors alike will find our officers to be courteous, dedicated professionals willing to help in any way they can.

About the Department

The Portage Police Department was established in 1959 with five original officers and was located at 5770 Central Avenue The Portage Police Department moved to 2693 Irving Street in 1967, and finally moved to its current location at 6260 Central Avenue.


The Portage Police Department is comprised of 67 full-time officers, 8 clerical staff members, animal control and code enforcement. In addition, we have the following special units and assignments:

  • Crash Team
  • K9
  • Porter County Interdiction Team
  • Porter County MEG
  • Swat